Cat litter box – Basic, self cleaning and hidden litter boxes

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A basic cat litter box can be bought for a few dollars. You and your cat might want more privacy, convenience, and looks. Check out my selection of 4 Styles Cat Litter Boxes

large cat litter box with lid

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What litter box is best for my cat?

cat sitting on a kitchen table
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The variety of cat litter boxes is wide. That’s great because you can just pick whatever you need for your cat.

Is it a basic litter box, with or without a lid?

A plant-hidden box or maybe a luxury cat litter box in furniture style?

How about an upgrade to a self-cleaning cat litter box?

Let’s have a quick look at these 4 styles.

1. Basic cat litter boxes

regular cat litter box stainless

A regular open tray might just do fine for your cat. No hassle, you don’t have to remove a lid when cleaning. So this means very easy access when cleaning daily.

A litter box with tall sides keeps the litter inside. It is still open, but the walls keep any litter or spraying inside the tray. As many cats like to play in the litter and can make a huge mess.

A covered litter box adds a bit of privacy for your cat and yourself! You’ll find them with replaceable filters on the top that keeps the smell out of the room. A great solution when you need it in your kitchen or bathroom.

Look for a model with a top entry if your cat doesn’t like going through a door.

2. Plant hidden cat litter box

This category of cat litter boxes is designed to be decorative.

hidden litter box plant

Used a lot by cat owners who live tiny. Just put the catbox discreetly in every room you like. Your visitors never suspect this to be a cat litter box.

Turning the litterbox facing or corner or wall leaves a cat walking in and out freely.

3. Cat litter box furniture

cat litter box furniture with table

These cat furniture boxes look great as they are. But you can easily make it a bit more homely by decorating it with a lamp, a potted plant, or some magazines.

cat litter box furniture storage bench

Why not combine a cat litter box with a practical piece of furniture? Look for a model that matches your style. It will give you use of space, like a table, side table, or storage shelves inside the furniture.

hidden litter box furniture shutter door

4. Self-cleaning litter boxes

self cleaning cat litter box

Some models are made for a non-clumping litter system. The urine is locked away in the super-absorbent kitty litter pads below. Absorb, toss and replace.

automatic cat litter box cleaner

If you do not want to scoop litter daily, this auto-clean litter box might be just for you.

It dumps the cat mess into a bag on the back. So, no smell and is easy to remove and replace with a new bag.

10 Different Cat Litter Boxes

Photo on Unsplash

The importance of getting to the right litter box for your cat shouldn’t be taken lightly. See cat litter boxes at Amazon

Cats really need the hygiene and right amount of space to do their business. Like us, they need their toilets every day.

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