Birthday Hats for Cats – 10 Cat Party Hats

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Make your cat’s birthday more memorable with a real party hat. If you’re lucky it will tolerate the hat long enough for you to take a photo. See 9 birthday hats for cats

boy cat birthday cake hat

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Can I put a hat on my cat?

cat having her birthday
Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

It might feel a bit of torture for your cat. But not to worry. These hats are easy to put on, light, and adjustable.

Of course, most cats will disagree with you about dressing them up for the party. They’ll shake it off right away or give – if you’re lucky – a bit of extra time for you to enjoy.

9 Happy birthday hats for cats

cat wearing birthday hat

Many cats don’t mind the bowtie, but most will not like the hat that much, so keep your camera close!

See 9 Birthday Hats Cats at

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