Dog winter hats – 10 Warming dog hats

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Every dog looks good in a hat. But many dogs need a functional winter hat to protect them from the cold or wind. See 10 winter hats for dogs

medium dog wearing a blue warm winter hat

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When should a dog wear a warm hat?

dog outside wearing a hat against cold and wind
Photo by Olivia Hutcherson on Unsplash

The cold affects a dog just as simply as it affects us, humans.

Besides cold, icy, and windy conditions also mind the special needs of your dog. Some breeds are more sensitive to cold than others.

Other reasons why dogs wear a hat

  • some dogs just hate it when the wind blows on their ears
  • a special ear en neck warmer can compress noises and may help calm a dog
  • preventing a dog from shaking his cold ears, excessively shaking can cause hematomas
  • used for holding longer ears while eating
  • dogs with cropped ears might need extra protection
  • some owners use a hat on their dogs because it helps with barking

10 Winter hats for dogs

large dog wearing knitted warm beanie

As your dog ages, the protection of its head and ears may become more important. See 10 Dog Winter Hats at

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