Motorcycle helmets for dogs – 10 Safety dog helmets

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These motorcycle helmets protect your dog’s head during some action you might take up with them. See my selection of 10 dog motorcycle helmets

dog in motorcycle helmet

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Dog Helmets and safety

dog wearing motorcycle safety helmet

Your dog will surely look cool wearing a helmet. But it is for safety reasons you want to protect your pet, just like yourselves.

Some comfort is provided by padding and a soft cushion inside the top of the helmet. Your dog may not like it when a helmet is a bit snug. But the adjustable strap makes close-fitting possible. And that’s just what you want for the helmet not to fall off.

large dog wearing glasses and helmet

And to protect your dogs’ eyes from wind, rain, dust, and sunlight, a pair of goggles may be needed as well.

Sizes of dog helmets

teacup dog wearing an yellow helmet

There’s a helmet for every breed of dog. Sizes vary and the smallest helmets fit a small or even a teacup dog.

10 Motorcycle helmets for dogs

dog wearing helmet with ear holes and adjustable strap

Walking, biking, or riding with your dog on a scooter or motorcycle? Dealing with heights and speed, a helmet can prevent your pet from serious head injuries.

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And helmets are also used for dogs with vision difficulties bumping into objects.

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