Dog Reindeer Antlers – 10 Adorable Reindeer Headbands

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Dog Reindeer Antlers are sooo cute. I love these lightweight and pet-friendly Christmas Antlers. 10 Dog Reindeer Antlers

dog with christmas reindeer antler on head

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Reindeer Costumes and Antlers for Dogs

little dog with a reindeer antler
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Talking of dog apparel, I think reindeer antlers are the easiest way to dress up that dog of yours.

They just are.

The reindeer headbands are very light and your dog probably won’t be bothered by them at all. The headband antlers fit every dog as they come in different sizes from small up to large.

  • made for small, medium, and large heads
  • elastic en easy to adjust
  • neck straps can be loosened
  • stay in place without being too tight

Super adorable for a cute Christmas photo or to enjoy some hours together around the December holidays.

dog wearing christmas antler red

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10 Reindeer Headbands for Dogs

dog reindeer antler headband with santa

Want to take an adorable Christmas photo of your dogs?

Get some reindeer ears, create a nice background, like a Christmas tree, and you’re good to go! See Reindeer Antlers on Amazon

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