Dog Beds With Sides – 10 Comfy and Supporting Dog Beds

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The best dog bed is one that’s made just for them. A dog bed with high sides gives them even more comfort and support. 10 dog beds with higher sides

What type of bed is best for dogs?

puppy in a dog bed with higher sides

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Find a bed that makes your pup feel cozy and at home, with plenty of room for them to stretch out and relax.

So, give your pup a spot where they can nestle and snooze away the day, with their very own bed.

Finding a bed that’s just right for your pup is key to them getting a good night’s sleep. A breathable fabric, insulation, and higher sides will keep your dog warm in cold winters, cool in hot summers, and comfy all year round.

Dog bed sizing

cozy high sided dog bed

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There are all different sizes of beds so you can find the one that’s just right for your pet.

The best dog beds for larger dogs are those that provide your beloved pet with ample support and cushion.

An oversized option is an excellent choice for this, with ultra-thick bases, dense foam, and machine-washable microfiber covers.

Give your petite pooch a cozy home base with a small bed designed to reflect your dog’s body heat for the little guys that get cold at night.

high sided dog bed small

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Pillow-type dog beds are not suited for pets with joint problems, but they still provide plenty of comfort and support for younger and smaller dogs.

dog laying in a dog bed
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Memory foam conforms to the shape of your pet providing greater support for all dog types.

Orthopedic beds help support dogs with painful joint conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis.

Do dogs actually need a bed?

sheepdog in a large high sided dog bed

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You may already know that your dog needs a quality bed to sleep in. Your best option is to find a bed that has been specifically designed for canines so that it meets all of their needs in terms of size, style, and comfort.

Wild dogs rarely sleep on cold, hard ground. Instead, they gather dirt and leaves for shelter or find a soft section of grass to pat down.

Beds for dogs that chew

soft orthopedic bed for dog

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If your dog likes to chew their bed, it’s time to upgrade to one that’s tough and indestructible. A good dog bed will have reinforced corners and a double-stitched cover.

It should also be easy to clean with soap and water. Designed to withstand even the most aggressive chewers, dog beds for chewers are made from tough materials and should have a guarantee of some kind.

A cotton canvas dog bed can withstand heavy chewing, wet hair, and digging. This type of bed can typically be thrown into the washing machine.

Beds for dogs with arthritis

dog bed with memory foam

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Memory foam mattresses can help reduce pressure points on joints as well as decrease pain for dogs with arthritis.

For even better support, look for a bed with a memory foam mattress with cooling technology. This type of orthopedic dog bed can provide support for joints and bones.

The combination of a supportive higher sides design, softer fabric, and non-slip bottom makes them perfect for dogs with achy joints and painful muscles.

10 Dog Beds with Higher Sides

dog lying in orthopedic sofa dog bed

Your furry friend needs to sleep comfortably. The choice of different dog beds is great and can actually be overwhelming.

On Amazon, you best start with a selection of breeds. Then select the shape of the bed you prefer, either oval, rectangle, round or square. See Dog Beds on

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